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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

-and- Terms and Conditions

PLEASE take just the few minutes to be sure to read over this entire page of
Frequently Asked Questions -and- Terms and Conditions, as all information here

MUST be agreed upon before proceeding to initiate your order.

Where areas do we deliver to?
Our standard delivery range is within a 100 miles driving distance from Long Pond, Pennsylvania.  You can click on the map images below to get a general idea of our typical delivery areas.
To best ensure you are within our delivery range, kindly check the driving distance to your desired delivery location by clicking this link:  Standard Delivery Range Mileage Check
If you have any questions or concerns about delivery areas, such as being just beyond the range, or wanting to discuss a longer-distance custom quote, please contact us BEFORE initiating an order.

What type of addresses do you deliver to?

We will only delivery to a physical address location.  This can be in a parking area of a physical location, such as a store or business, only if allowable.  We can not and will not deliver to an address without a physical location (for example, we will not deliver to you "on the corner of High Street and Grand Avenue").

Can I pick up products directly?

Sorry, local pickup is not currently available.  All sales must be by delivery only.

I live in New Jersey, what items can I order for delivery?

For New Jersey deliveries, only products marked "Safe'n'Sane" are legal for anyone to use in NJ -- however, if you have proper permitting or authority, we can deliver any of our consumer fireworks to you. You must comply with all laws, and should confirm use with your local Fire Marshall; this adherence and any liability is your full responsibility.

Why is there a $500 minimum order purchase?

To keep our product prices low, and the delivery rate reasonable, it is only cost-effective for us to process orders at this minimum purchase amount.

If you were looking to spend less than our minimum, consider going in on your order with friends to meet the minimum purchase requirement.  You could even look to do a larger combined show with them!

Why is there a delivery mileage fee?

To keep this service viable, we need to minimally offset the costs of the driver, fuel, and vehicle use.
With our current delivery rate of
50-cents per mile, that is lower than the national reimbursement rate.

Mileage is based on round-trip travel from Long Pond, PA (zip code 18334) to your delivery address.
You can use this link to get approximate mileage: 
Click for Distance Calculator

And what about bonus items?

Yes, we offer  free bonus items at the following purchasing tiers...


  • For orders of $1000 to $1999.99, get FREE 10% in Bonus Loot**

  • For orders of $2000 or more, get FREE 20% in Bonus Loot**

(*) Bonus Loot are fireworks selected by us, with a regular retail value meeting or exceeding your bonus tier percentage level.  We do our best to choose bonus loot similar to items in your order.

Why get delivery instead of going to the store?

Though it is very fun to make a trek out to a fireworks store and look over all of the items, there are some benefits to having items delivered:

  • No need to face any traffic, and you save money on gas and tolls;

  • No hassle of dealing with large crowds or long lines;

  • No worry about not having enough space for all you want to buy;

  • It is FUN to get stuff delivered, and SUPER FUN when that stuff is fireworks!

Do I still have to pay tax even though items are getting delivered?

Yes, we are essentially a delivery service, so this is similar to if you went to a Pennsylvania store yourself and bought items, and would therefore have to pay Pennsylvania state tax.

What is the deal with the Pennsylvania excise tax on aerial fireworks?

Pennsylvania charges a flat state sales tax on all purchases, but they then charge an additional 12% excise tax on top of the sale of any aerial fireworks (the total of the sale and the sales tax).  To help offset these taxes, we have set up spending bonus tiers to provide you with free products.

To learn more about how and why Pennsylvania charges this excise tax, please -Click Here-

NOTE: Aerial fireworks are items here that are NOT indicated as "Safe'n'Sane".  If an item is listed as "Safe'n'Sane", only the base Pennsylvania state tax will apply to that particular item, and not the excise tax.

Why can't I pick out specific items for my order form?

You can absolutely note specific items you would like on your order form, but there is no way to guarantee item availability.  This is due to much higher than usual demands on fireworks, as well as a US-wide shortage of consumer fireworks.  While we will do our best to get you exactly what you want, we may need to make substitutions of similar products.

When should I place my order?  When can I expect delivery?

Please place your order at least 4-5 days in advance of desired delivery time, to allow for delivery logistics in getting the product to you. Delivery location and time will be arranged by voice with the customer directly -- we will call you as quickly as we can.

When do and how can I pay for my order?  Can I pay in cash?

Payment is collected in full at the time the order is finalized with you, by voice.  If you wish to cancel or change an order, please contact us within 24 hours when the order was placed.

Currently accepted payment methods are major Credit Cards and Debit Cards, and PayPal.  

Sorry, but we do not accept any cash payments, since our order process relies on pre-payment.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Cancellations of finalized orders paid within 24 hours will be charged 3.5% fee of the total purchase (items plus taxes) to cover our bank fees of the transaction -- please call the number on your final order confirmation email as soon as you can if you want to cancel.
Cancellations of finalized orders paid after 24 hours, but that have not yet been out for delivery, will be charged a 25% fee of the total purchase (items plus taxes) to cover our costs of the transaction and restocking, and the remaining purchase money will be refunded expediently to the original method of payment. We are sorry, but we had to pay staff to pull and box the items, move the items to a staging location and back, and now also have to pay them to unbox and restock those items, as well as still pay the bank for their transaction fees.
Finalized and paid orders that are already out for delivery can not be cancelled, and no refund will be issued.  Even if an order is refused upon delivery, no refund will be issued (see delivery refusal terms below).

Who needs to be there for delivery? What happens if I refuse a delivery?

We will call you to plan a date and time window to make your delivery.  Kindly plan to be available during that timeframe, and also have a cell phone charged and on so that we can contact you in case of any unforeseen issues during travel that may change the meetup time.  Delivery requires a person at least 18 years of age to be present.  If a person of age is not available at time of delivery, we will call you and attempt to stay for up to 30 minutes for you.  After that time, if no one of age becomes present for delivery, the delivery will be taken as being refused.  Please understand that we are trying to get to all customers in a timely manner, and cannot continue to wait.

For deliveries that are refused, or no one of the required minimum age was available as stated above, the items cannot be returned to the distributor, and therefore no refund will be issued.

PLEASE again, it is best for everyone to make sure that you truly want your items before finalizing your order.
We don't want to keep your fireworks or your money, we want YOU to have and enjoy your fireworks.


What happens if you fail to make the delivery?
If we fail to make a delivery within the time window due to a traffic emergency or inclement weather conditions, we will contact you as soon as we can to meet you at a later time that day if possible, or to reschedule.

If we fail to make a delivery within the time window due to our own circumstances (say a crew shortage), we will call you to attempt to make a delivery later that day or another day; if you would rather refuse delivery under these circumstances, we will fully refund your purchase price and any delivery fees.

What if I have an issue with my product?

It is your responsibility to check to make sure your items and cases are being delivered in good condition.  We don't expect you to go through every box at the time of delivery, but please do so as soon as you can, and contact us with any discrepancies.  We work very hard to ensure your order is correct, going through a triple-check process, but will correct any rare mistakes we make to your full satisfaction.

If something is missing from within a case, or appears to be damaged or potentially faulty, kindly contact us with a brief description of the issues and any details at:

What is your liability or responsibility after delivery?

We take no liability or responsibility in the use, storage, transport, or transfer of these or any consumer fireworks or accessories.  It is up to you to abide by the proper safety requirements, as well as abide by all governing laws and restrictions.  Please adhere to any warning labels and all safety requirements, also being sure to fully brace any products on ALL sides before use.  Always be safe and responsible.

I would rather have someone else shoot fireworks at my event, do you do that?

Absolutely!  We also have a display company that can work with you to customize a show catered specifically to your event, at the best price.  Please check us out at:

We are federally licensed and safety certified to handle and display fireworks.  If you do decide to have someone else shoot your show, please be sure to follow all safety guidelines, have a water source available, and the shooter needs to be sober.  Always be safe and responsible.

What if I still have some other questions, or comments?

We are happy to answer any of your questions, and welcome any comments and feedback!

We are pyrotechnic enthusiasts, and our drive is to be able to provide fireworks to everyone for their celebrations and special occasions.  We do our best to keep our prices at or below that of retailers, as well as provide private drivers that take true care in delivering your product to you, professionally and courteously.
We will work with anyone to make any situation right, as best and as quickly as we can ... we really mean that.

Please reach us through our Contact Page, or you can send an email to:

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